Support Us

Well appreciated

The development of the ElimuPi is largely done by volunteers. There are several ways to contribute, each equally important. If you would also like to contribute, please see below which way suits you best.

Code with us

With DEAN Volunteers and CSR contributions from tech companies like Techforce1, the ElimuPi has been developed. We can use additional support to realise new functionality and improve the ElimuPi. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have knowledge in any of the following areas and are interested in contributing.

Make a donation

Although most of the development of the ElimuPi is done for free, we still need a budget to run our servers, buy hardware and conduct field tests. 

Any financial contribution helps and is greatly appreciated.

Develop content

A team of volunteers is continuously working to match the available Open Content with the national curricula of the countries in which we work.

Do you have knowledge of education or a specific STEM subject and feel like contributing? Then get in touch.

Suggest content

Good content for primary and secondary schools is crucial. We are constantly looking for suitable content to use.

Please tip us on good sources, preferably Open Content or upload material that we may use.

Impact education

Our primary goal is to transform education in areas where access to the internet and digital infrastructure is not a given.

If you work in or with the education sector in such areas, and the ElimuPi can make a difference, contact us to explore the possibilities of deploying one or more ElimuPi devices. 

Techforce1, a Dutch tech company, supports the development of the ElimuPi through the active involvement of its staff as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. 

Through the knowledge, experience and capacity that Techforce1 contributed as a dedicated partner, the development of the ElimuPi took flight. 

Contribute Foundation supports the development of the ElimuPi – connect and the deployment of the ElimuPi within our CLASSworks program at 45 schools in Kenya.