ElimuPi – Connect

Fantastic news! Contribute Foundation has approved a new project; ElimuPi – Connect. With ElimuPi – Connect, we will add an internet solution to our existing ElimuPi solution. Making use of the almost ubiquitous mobile network, it is possible to establish an internet connection.

The ElimuPi – Connect will be a separate server that, in addition to internet access, will allow us to update and maintain the ElimuPi remotely. The most important feature is the ability it will give teachers to find information and request support online. Through our elimu.online education platform, teachers will receive weekly assignments challenging them to use the digital learning tools in the classroom in different ways. Based on those assignments, they can earn certificates.

We will first start working on the technical realisation of the ElimuPi – Connect. In a few months, we will test it at a number of schools and, once all teething problems have been ironed out, we will start working at 20 schools. From next year, the solution should then be available to all schools.

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