Educational Content

for digital learning

The primary purpose of the ElimuPi is to make content available for educational purposes at any possible location. We have chosen four different content platforms to make content available.

Wiki Content

Kiwix is used for Wiki content

Open Educational Content

Kolibri is used for open educational content

Android Apps

Fdroid is used for Android Applications


Moodle is used for courses


Scratch to learn how to program

Are you missing content? Contact us or upload content directly via this site.



Kiwix is a method to make websites offline available. It started as an initiative to make Wikipedia available for people without internet access and evolved into a methodology to make an entire website available. The Kiwix framework is installed on the ElimuPi. 

We can add any .zim file from the continuously growing collection of the Kiwix library or any other compatible .zim file. You can find more information on how to do this at



Kolibri is an adaptable set of open solutions specially developed to support learning for the half of the world without Internet access. Centered around an offline-first learning platform that runs on various low-cost and legacy devices, the Kolibri Product Ecosystem includes a curricular tool, a library of open educational resources, and a toolkit of resources to support training and implementation in formal, informal and non-formal learning environments.

The Kolibri platform runs on the ElimuPi with a selection of open educational resources provided for the Kolibri platform. Additionally, we created materials specifically for the Kenyan and Tanzanian national curricula. 



Android Apps

To make it possible for Android devices to install apps without accessing the internet, we have installed our own app store. Devices connected to the ElimuPi can install selected apps that way.



Moodle is an electronic learning environment that allows courses to be offered to users. Through Moodle, you can easily manage courses and track student progress.



Scratch is the world’s largest free coding community for kids. Students can use the scratch environment through the ElimuPi without the need for internet.