Content anywhere

The ElimuPi is a portable server that makes educational content accessible in any location. The ElimuPi creates a wireless access point through which connected devices can connect. Once connected, learners can access a wide range of educational content. You only need a device with wifi and a web browser to access these materials. 

ElimuPi - Connect

Internet anywhere

The ElimuPi – Connect is a portable Internet Access Point. The ElimuPi – Connect uses the 4G mobile networks to make an internet connection. Through this connection teachers and learners can access internet resources. At the same time, the connection enables the possibility to access the devices for maintenance and updates.

The hardware

The ElimuPi is built on the Raspberry Pi platform. We use a 16 Gb sd card for the applications and the content, which is separated from the applications, is stored on an external USB SSD hard drive.  

The software

All software used for the ElimuPi is Open Source.