ElimuPi at a secondary school
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ElimuPi running on a power bank
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The ElimuPi story

from idea to reality

The ElimuPi is the answer to the desire of schools in Kenia and Tanzania to bring digital education to the classroom. Together we envisioned an accessible digital content source without relying on existing infrastructure. The ElimuPi was born. 

The ElimuPi is a portable server based on a Raspberry Pi device containing huge educational content libraries and e-learning. Elimu means education in Kiswahili, and Pi stems from our Raspberry Pi hardware.

The first ElimuPi was introduced at a secondary school in Kenya in 2020. Currently, more than hundred schools in Tanzania and Kenya use the device to enrich their education, and we are expanding monthly with new primary and secondary schools.

ElimuPi features

Not for profit

DEAN is a non-profit organisation our work depends on volunteers, CSR contributions from companies and occasional funds and grants. If you want to support our work, please visit the support page for more information, or you can make a donation through the button below.